Wild Life in Second Life!

A word needs to be said about the wildlife in UUtopia (and environs), because strange things happen here.

The two cats are quite well behaved; friendly and well-mannered, they choose to stay at home.

Donkey Hotay, a donkey, also chooses not to wander – at all!  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen him (is Donkey Hotay male or female?) ever move.

The same can not be said of Zyzzy Zarf’s whale, who seems to blatantly disregard the laws of biology and physics when he leaves the water to fly west past the Library. The only reason he’s tolerated is for his amusement value.

Then there are the recent incidents in which flamingos, bunny rabbits and small herds of giraffes and dinosaurs that have been sighted on various parcels. Flamingos, which are known to migrate great distances, found themselves temporary homes on Heximer Thane’s property and on Zyzzy Zarf’s tropical hideaway, Thoreau. In Zyzzy’s case, some of the flamingos were observed to grow to monumental heights. They also brought with them a number of garden gnomes, a man-eating toilet and refrigerator, and Audrey II (of Little Shop of Horrors fame).

Things were quiet for a while but then started up again. It is believed this newest wave of animal madness began when Heximer Thane reported that he had engaged in a long and strange conversation with a large rabbit who was staring into his window late at night.  Mr. Thane swears he was not indulging in the nectar of the grape at the time, however the large rabbit turned out to be a Brazilian wolf named Oorto.  Tsk, tsk, Mr. Thane!

Nevertheless, a large influx of rabbits soon followed.

Most recently, a small herd of giraffe were observed at Mr. Thane’s new home in Alcott, followed soon thereafter by a small group of dinosaurs at Joan Ixito’s home in eastern UUtopia.

~ by Ixito on 2010/12/17.