UUtopia (Mainland) News

These articles are from the UUtopia News, edited by Beacon Questi, about UUtopia when it was on the Mainland. They were on the FUUCSL.org web site, but the make more sense being here.


Beacon created a new chapel for UUtopia. If anyone had extra tier they would be willing to donate to it, it would be greatly appreciated. In any case come see it. I am pleased with how it came out.


Lots of news.

Anna has a new creative spiral home.

Beacon sold his land to Zyzzy and moved his hobbit home to Georgia.

Alex had his first every other Friday discussion group.

We welcome returning resident Hyacinth.

Manasa planned a tour of UUtopia for Meadeville Lombard students.

There is a possibility of moving the chapel north of the visitor center.

A big lot is for sale on the eastern edge of UUtopia.

Is anyone interested in a UUtopia community gathering?


Chevaun moved to Georgia west of Lilith.

Beacon moved north of the UU visitor center.

We welcome new resident dav0 Turas in Zoshchenko.

Hyacinth opened a flower shop in the center of Vigdorva.

The Carver family has a new garden next to the UU Community Center.

Lilith had a dance at the drumming circle.

There will be a sl presence at GA next year.

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