A Cinematic First in UUtopia

Cinematic entrepreneur, Knarf Pizzicato, announced the Grand Opening of The Cosmopolitan Theatre, an underground treasure trove of black and white classics as well as more modern fare.  Mr. Pizzicato held his Grand Opening on October 30th, 2010, at 6 PM SLT.  Present were Zyzzy Zarf, officiating, as well as Darcy Cedarbridge (Security),  Joan Ixito (Reporting), Heximer Thane, Freda Frostbite and Darrell Farstrider.

Knarf Pizzicato spoke a few words in voice, explaining how he wanted to give something back to the residents of UUtopia, who had so welcomed him.  Zyzzy Zarf then cut the ribbon, and the enthusiastic throng filed in and took their seats in the handsomely appointed theatre.  Knarf’s first presentation was chosen to commemorate Carl Sagan, the famous cosmologist and teacher. Shown was the first episode of Cosmos, Dr. Sagan’s groundbreaking television series from the 1980’s.

The residents were unanimous!  The Cosmopolitan Theater was a resounding success and all are grateful to Knarf for his gift to the community.

~ by admin on 2010/10/11.